About website error logs

Your website error logs, available in konsoleH, give information about each time someone has tried to access a file or page on your website that was unavailable.

View error logs in konsoleH

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin or Domain level
  2. If Admin level: Select or search for a domain name in the Hosting Services tab
  3. Select Statistics & Reports
  4. Select Error Logs

When a person unsuccessfully attempts to access a section of your website, or when a page is loaded where a picture cannot be found, an error will be returned to the server. These error messages are stored in a log called Error Logs and are very handy for debugging your website and tracing any unseen errors.

The most common error message is File Does Not Exist. This occurs when someone tries to access a page or file on your website that does not exist – it may have been deleted or they may have used an incorrect URL.

For reference purposes, the Error Logs also display the IP address of the computer that tried to access the file that produced the error.

The most common Apache error codes:


GZIP is no longer a valid value for SetOutputFilter in your .htaccess file. 
Either remove this directive or change it to “SetOutputFilter deflate”.


Request exceeded the limit of redirects allowed. 
This cannot be customised and is most likely a redirection loop in your code.


Request exceeded the number of subrequest nesting levels allowed. 
Remedial action: none. This cannot be customised.


System error with PHP 
This is a temporary failure. If it persists, please contact Support.


Possibly a bug in the way Apache and PHP-FPM communicate. 
No remedial action; this can safely be ignored.


PHP-related error. This usually arises when Apache cannot find your PHP file, or PHP logs an issue. Entries of this type do not necessarily indicate a broken site. 
Remedy the issue based on information given in the error message.


File could not be found or is not readable by Apache or PHP. 
Ensure that this file is owned by your user and readable by your user. If you are unaware of how to do this, contact Support.


Apache cannot find the defined DirectoryIndex file as specified in the .htaccess file. 
Consider changing this directive to match the file you’re trying to load, or remove this directive from your .htaccess file.


Request denied based on rule defined in .htaccess. 
No remedial action as the .htaccess rule is working normally.


Request denied based on rule defined in .htaccess. 
No remedial action as the .htaccess rule is working normally.

If you have difficulty understanding or fixing these errors, you may contact our Support team on support@xneelo.com for assistance – however, note that they may not be able to assist you in every case, particularly those relating specifically to your website code.