New web hosting features available in the xneelo Control Panel

July 12, 2022

We recently unpacked a whole host of new Web Hosting features available in the xneelo Control Panel. To make your experience with our new control panel even more effortless, we’re pleased to introduce three more exciting features that are available to use right now. 

Billing and Account Administrator Roles

Two additional roles are now available in the Collaborators tool, namely Billing Administrator and Account Administrator. 

These additional roles have specific permissions related to your web hosting account. The Billing Administrator role, for example, is ideal for your bookkeeper or accountant as it allows them to manage payments, view products and invoices, and modify invoice information. 

Account Administrators have the same level of access as Account Owners, and are able to order or cancel products, manage Collaborators, manage domains and update payment information.

Domain Registration cancellation

If you have a registered domain you do not wish to renew, this feature allows you to easily turn off automatic renewal – directly from your xneelo Control Panel.

Please note that this applies to domain registration only. 

Parked and Multiple Domains

We’ve made ordering hosting packages quick and easy in the xneelo Control Panel.

You can now order a Parked or a Multiple Domain under an active web hosting package directly from your control panel. You are also able to cancel any Parked or Multiple Domain you no longer require simply and effortlessly.

You’ll find the step-by-step instructions on ordering a Multiple Domain in this Help Centre article. 

Do you want to know more about what is available in the xneelo Control Panel? See the full list here. 

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