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We’re helping to pave the way for female leaders of tech

December 4, 2020

The tech industry offers unique opportunities for those fortunate enough to have access to the right education. CodeSpace and xneelo are partnering up to take steps towards breaking down these barriers.

Access to the tech industry remains one of the most imbalanced sectors in South Africa. CodeSpace, an online learning platform that specialises in coding and robotics courses, endeavours to bridge this gap by educating learners and providing them with industry-approved certification from recognised institutions.

CodeSpace’s vision is to enable people to learn, unlearn and relearn so that they become active contributors within an ever-changing global economy.

CodeSpace creates a space for the underrepresented in the tech industry, and actively seeks to create a safe and collaborative learning environment for these learners by offering bursaries and other financing options.

Xneelo values the contribution that CodeSpace is making to promote diversity in the tech industry, which is why we sponsored three female scholars to attend the ‘Intro to Web’ online course. This short course provides an introductory look at the basics of web development and is centred on practical tasks that include building a digital resume using HTML and CSS.

Let’s meet the scholarship winners

Precious Pitjeng

Precious​ wants to upskill her tech skills as a software test analyst. “My goal is to use my web design skills to create content to promote my side hustle as a fashion enthusiast,” she says.

Kimera Saroop

Kimera ​is a well established BCom professional who prides herself on volunteering at schools as a coding coach. Her passion for education and socio-economic background resonates with CodeSpace’s mission.

Melissa Ajudia

As an avid horse trainer, ​Melissa​ strives to expand her talents into the programming world. “I want to create websites and apps for schools, organisations, and my horse-riding business!” she says.

Xneelo is honoured to provide Melissa, Kimera and Precious with the opportunity to access CodeSpace’s world-class online learning portal. We will also be offering them each a year’s worth of free hosting.

Along with CodeSpace, we’re trying to create a space for the future leaders of tech to create – and innovate – online.

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