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Recently, journalist Ditsa Keren interviewed our brand manager, Athena Turner, on the evolution of web hosting as an industry. See what Athena has to say about the essential factors to consider when choosing a hosting provider, how COVID-19 has affected xneelo’s customers, and which trends and tech to look out for in the coming year – including two exciting product launches from xneelo.

Xneelo (previously known as Hetzner) is a leading player in the South African web hosting environment since 1999. Inspired by its brand promise ‘Trusted in Hosting’, xneelo delivers reliable and consistent service, focusing on infrastructure stability and consistent service delivery. In this interview, Brand Manager Athena Turner portrays the story of xneelo and brings an interesting perspective on the evolution of web hosting as an industry.

What is xneelo’s mission? What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

At xneelo, we’ve always thought of ourselves as enablers: offering a hosting service that empowers our customers to interact and grow their business online, and creating a multiplier effect for society to thrive. We’re passionate about web hosting – it’s our core business and it’s what we do best.

Our reputation has been built one customer at a time over the last 21 years. Today we’re known for delivering a consistent, helpful service to the South African mass market – over 500,000 website business owners.  Our relentless focus on customer service has given us a 9.7/ 10 rating from HelloPeter, the South African industry’s customer service rating platform.

The name xneelo (pronounced ex-nee-lo) was inspired by a Latin phrase that translates into the ability to ‘create something out of nothing’, we believe that xneelo represents the resourcefulness, ingenuity, and industrious spirit of our customers – and of our team.

What makes xneelo unique?

The relationship with our customers is what makes us unique. Everything we do is to benefit our customers and their businesses. They have helped us to grow and to stay true to who we are.

It’s also our incredible xneelo team. Over the past two decades, xneelo has built a strong, customer-centric culture. Because our employees stay with us for years, we are able to build momentum with relevant expertise and knowledge, creating a better service experience for our customers.

Our Samrand Data Centre is another factor that sets us apart. For the past 3 years, our PUE Data Centre scores (Power Usage Effectiveness) have been significantly below industry standards (1.21 instead of 1.40). This energy efficiency translates directly into cost savings for our customers. It’s good for them, and it’s good for the environment.

We service the business mass market in South Africa. They come from all industries and represent small business owners, startups to well-established corporates, and agencies.

We’re also one of the main partners of the Heavy Chef entrepreneurial community in South Africa as well as a long-time sponsor of various South African WordPress community events, including WordCamp Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The full interview can be found here.

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