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Two-Factor Authentication

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Living in two worlds

Two control panels

Until we’ve moved all our tools over to the xneelo Control Panel, konsoleH will still be available for you to use.

What to remember

The xneelo Control Panel and konsoleH are two separate control panels. Changes made to your personal details in the xneelo Control Panel will not reflect in konsoleH.

How do I create my account?

All you need is an email address and a new, secure password. If you’re an existing customer, please use your konsoleH email address.

What’s new in the control panel?


This new feature lets you invite co-workers or clients to access your account. They can also invite you to collaborate on their account(s). Each collaborator role has its own permissions.

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Account Switcher

Switch between accounts with ease. This saves you from having to log in and out of multiple accounts.

Two-Factor Authentication

Helps protect your account from unauthorised access. You’ll receive a unique, time-sensitive code to confirm each login session.

Frequently asked questions

We built our new control panel with two goals in mind. Simple to use and compatible on most devices, enabling you to do the work you need to do wherever you are. It also includes an improved user interface, Two-Factor Authentication for added security and the Collaborators feature.

Yes. However, we’re busy migrating all the tools for each of our product categories. Once this happens, we won’t maintain (or improve) konsoleH. Customers will then need to move over to our primary control panel (the xneelo Control Panel).

Yes, the xneelo Control Panel makes it simple for you to get your work done on any device you choose to use.

No. Contacts in konsoleH differ from the Collaborators in the xneelo Control Panel. You’ll need to re-add your contacts as Collaborators. Remember: deleting a contact in konsoleH will not affect your Collaborators in the new control panel.

For answers to all your other questions, you’ll find them in our Help Centre.

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