Why is my payment due date in the past?

xneelo has a strict 7-day payment window for invoices (cash basis).

Email payment reminders is a courtesy that we extend to our clients for their benefit. The additional few days allowed to pay should be seen as a grace period where you can make the necessary payment arrangement to ensure that your hosting services are not interrupted.

Should you receive a payment reminder that has a due date that is in the past, we strongly recommend that you make a direct deposit or a DPO payment that will reflect on our bank statement without any delay.

If payment is made on a date that is after the due date, you run the risk of an interruption to your hosting services as payment needs to reflect on our bank statement. We cannot be held responsible for interruptions to your hosting services due to late payment.

For the benefit of our customers we will send a number of SMS and email reminders to customers that have any outstanding invoice.