How to create an SSH Key in the Create Instance Wizard

Note: This article relates to a product currently in beta testing.

SSH Keys are a set of public and private keys that are used to authenticate and encrypt network traffic between your workstation and a remote system. The private key is securely located on your workstation while the public key is located on the instance.

Note: This article is applicable exclusively to Key Pair creation using the Instance Creation wizard.


  • 1
    Ensure you are on the Key Pair* tab in the modal.
  • 2
    Click + Create Key Pair.
  • 3
    Enter a name for the Key Pair.
  • 4
    From the Key Type dropdown, select SSH Key.
  • 5
    Click Create Key Pair.
  • 6
    Click Copy Private Key To Clipboard at the bottom of the dialog box.
  • 7
    Next, open a text editor on your computer.
  • 8
    Paste the contents of the Private Key you just created into to text editor.
  • 9
    Save the file to a secure location on your computer with a .pem extension and ensure you select the type as All Files, for example: private-key.pem  
    Note: If you are using macOS or Linux you need to run the following command to use your saved private key:
    chmod 600 /path/to/private-key.pem
    replacing private-key.pem with your actual key file name.
  • 10
    Back in your browser, click on Done and continue with the rest of the instance setup process.

What happens next

To connect to your instance using your SSH key please refer to this article.

Assist Note

The private key should be kept safe on your workstation. Should you misplace your private key and haven’t set up any additional users, you will have to create a new instance.