How to activate Self-Managed File Storage

File Storage provides a Self-Managed customer with 100 GB of storage space on a remote storage server, where you can safely and conveniently store a backup copy of your data.

Access to this storage space is accessible from your Self-Managed Server making use of either RSYNC, SFTP or SCP protocols on port 22.

To activate File Storage on a Self-Managed Server, follow these steps:


  • 1
    Log into the xneelo Control Panel.
  • 2
    Navigate to the Product Overview of the Self-Managed Server.
  • 3
    Choose File Storage under Server Tools.
  • 4
    Click Activate.
  • 5
    Provide a password. Either provide your own or use the Generate Password functionality. Please remember the password provided/generated as xneelo does not store any passwords.
  • 6
    Click Activate to proceed.

What happens next

You should be presented with a screen containing a usage bar, credentials and delete section.

Assist Note

File Storage is only accessible via the xneelo Control Panel and you will be required to migrate from konsoleH to the new control panel. 

Only one File Storage activation is allowed per Self-Managed Server.

Assist Tip

Remember: File Storage shouldn’t be relied on as a primary data source.