How to manage your disk usage with our Disk Cleanup tool

The information in this article is related to the new xneelo Control Panel.
If you are still using konsoleH, refer to this article.

Actively managing your disk usage will help you avoid unnecessary over-usage costs. Our Disk Cleanup tool provides an overview of your account and helps you determine if you’re exceeding the quota for your hosting package. It also includes a summary of how the disk space is divided between your web files, email and other files – depicted in a colour-coded bar.


  • 1
    Log in or sign up to the xneelo Control Panel.
  • 2
    Select a Product from the side menu.
  • 3
    Select the domain name.
  • 4
    Under Hosting tools, select Disk Cleanup.
  • 5
    The Disk Cleanup tool will open, displaying a summary of your disk usage and all your mailboxes.
  • 6
    The summary of your disk space is divided by web files, email and other files depicted in a colour-coded bar.
  • 7
    Your mailboxes will be sorted from biggest to smallest by default.  Search for and click on a specific mailbox.
  • 8
    You will see a summary of the mailbox: the different folder(s) and the size of each of them
  • 9
    Click on the 3 dots menu to the right of the folder that you want to review. You will be provided with time periods in a drop-down menu. If you would like to delete mail, select the applicable time period.
  • 10
    Confirm the change by clicking Delete from the confirmation pop-up.

What happens next

A success toast message will appear to confirm the emails have been deleted.