How to restore a domain’s DNS zone to its default records

The DNS tool in the xneelo Control Panel allows you to easily edit the records to reflect all xneelo’s default DNS records used when your domain was originally created.

Apply the default zone templates


  • 1
    Log into the xneelo Control Panel.
  • 2
    Navigate to the Products page.
  • 3
    Select the specific domain name.
  • 4
    Click on Manage DNS under Domain Tools.
  • 5
    Select the three dots next to + Add Record.
    • To only return your mail settings back to our servers, select xneelo mail template.
    • To return all settings to default, select xneelo zone template.
  • 6
    Select Apply to apply the change. If you would not like to proceed with this change, select Cancel.

What happens next

You will notice that some records are added (green) and others deleted (red).

Assist Note

Incorrect DNS changes can interfere with the operation of your website and email. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with this tool before making any changes or additions.