What is my DNS information?

Your domain name, the Internet services associated with your domain name and the IP addresses associated with these services, is your DNS information (also known as DNS Zone records). Your DNS information is a collection of records that maps each of your Internet services to an IP address.

Some of the more commonly used DNS records include:

  • A (Address) records map your website address (www.your-domain.com) to an IP address.
  • MX (Mail eXchange) records map your email server address (mail.your-domain.com) to an IP address.
  • SOA (Start of Authority) records specify the authoritative nameservers for your domain.

All the Internet users in the world use a variety of different Internet Service Providers, each with their own caching DNS servers. There are thousands of these scattered around the world, all resolving domain names into IP addresses for their Internet users. For an Internet user to be able to view your website or send you an email, these DNS servers must be able to retrieve the correct DNS information for your Internet services.

If you are familiar with DNS records and their purpose, the xneelo Control Panel allows you to manage your own DNS through the DNS tool.