Alternative SMTP email sending servers

You have the option of sending email via your Internet Service Provider’s SMTP servers as an alternative to your xneelo hosted server.

Below is a list of known Internet Service Provider SMTP servers. Should you be unsure on which server to make use of, please contact your ISP for assistance:

  • Telkom ADSL – or or
  • MWEB ADSL – or
  • Vodacom 3G – or
  • MTN 3G – or
  • Cell C –
  • iBurst –
  • Internet Solutions (IS) –
  • Neotel – or
  • @lantic –


  • The above servers usually operate without username and password authentication and are accessible on the default SMTP port (25).
  • Should you make use of your ISP’s SMTP server, we will not be able to track mails sent via these servers and you will need to contact the respective ISP for assistance in this regard.