We don’t use xneelo’s e-mail server for sending, why do I have SMTP traffic?

When viewing your traffic report in konsoleH, the SMTP value displayed is a total of all SMTP traffic done on your domain.

This consists of the following parts:.

  • SMTP In: Is any traffic that is generated to get the e-mail to the server, ie. all incoming mail will generate this type of traffic unless both the sending and receiving e-mail accounts are hosted on the same server. Our SMTP e-mail service is configured to recognize domain names hosted locally. So if you send an e-mail to an address within the same domain no SMTP-IN traffic is generated.
  • SMTP Out: Is all traffic generated to send e-mail from the e-mail hosting server to any other e-mail server. If you do not make use of xneelo’s e-mail server as your SMTP server (sometimes referred to as a gateway) no traffic will be generated. Please note that if you choose to use this option we will not be able to provide you with e-mail logs for any outgoing e-mails.
  • SMTP Forward: Is any traffic generated by e-mail forwarders or aliases configured for the domain. Again traffic designated for the same server will not be allocated.