How to use a catch-all email address

A catch-all email account collects all messages addressed to non-specified usernames at the domain. It is set up or removed via the Mail Admin tool in the xneelo Control Panel – see How to create a catch-all email address.


If your domain is and you have the only email account for this domain configured as a catch-all mailbox, e.g., all emails addressed to this domain ( will be routed to the catch-all mailbox.


  1. The mail catch-all feature is useful for businesses that use their own server for mail distribution. All mail addressed to the domain is downloaded from our server and then distributed to mailboxes throughout the company by an internal server.
  2. Any misdirected or misspelled email addresses will still be received.


  1. Catch-all mailboxes are more susceptible to spam. Spammers generate emails to random addresses at your domain, knowing that many companies have catch-all enabled. It is possible to disable the catch-all mailbox if this becomes relevant to you.
  2. The catch-all mailbox can become quite large if not accessed and cleared regularly, which can cause disk over-usage on your hosting package.

Note: All web hosting packages are by default configured to have the catch-all mailbox disabled. Should you wish to make use of this feature, please set up your catch-all mailbox.