How to transfer your gTLD (Global top-level domain) to xneelo via the xneelo Control Panel

The information in this article is related to the new xneelo Control Panel.
If you are still using konsoleH, refer to this article.

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Note: These steps are only applicable to Domain Registrations. The option to transfer a domain name with a hosting package via the xneelo Control Panel will be available soon.

Preparation is the key to a successful gTLD domain transfer. Follow our guide for first-time success.

* A domain transfer (renewal) fee will apply

Important note: Please contact us if DNSSEC is applied to your domain(s) before submitting the transfer ticket. This will ensure that no downtime is experienced on your website(s) (and emails) after a successful (transfer) vote. If the domain is successfully transferred to xneelo without DNSSEC being lifted, your emails and website will not perform as expected and this could require up to 10 business days to correct.

Step 1: Prepare

  • Check the Registrant email address

    • Ensure that you have access to the email address listed as the new Registrant for the domain. An email “ticket” requesting permission to transfer the domain will need to be accepted from this email address. The email will be sent from
    • For most international TLDs you will need to instruct your current Registrar to ‘unlock’ your domain for transfer. This needs to happen before you initiate the transfer process.
    • The current Registrar will need to confirm which contact will receive the Authorisation Code which will be required to action the transfer of international TLDs (all domains except, .de, .eu). This code will be generated when the domain is unlocked.
    • Note: A 60-day waiting period applies to new registrations or transfers – if your domain has been registered or transferred within the last 60 days, you will not be able to submit a transfer.

    • Release your domain

      • Notify your current host that the domain will be transferred away. In order to transfer to xneelo, you first need to cancel your hosting service with your current provider. To assist you in this process, refer to our guide on the procedures required by the most common hosting companies.
      • Ensure that you have a copy of your website content and email content to upload to xneelo’s servers.
      • If you will be pointing your DNS records away from xneelo, ensure that you have a copy of your DNS records.

      Step 2: Transfer

      • Transfer your order and submit transfer

        • Domains transferred via a voting process, with a voting ticket sent to the email address listed as the new Registrant for the domain. This is the only email address authorised to accept the transfer.
        • The Transfers menu in the xneelo Control Panel enables you to submit the transfer ticket to the outgoing Registrar.
        • Your transfer order automatically expires after 30 days of inactivity. Should you wish to continue with the transfer, a new transfer request would need to be submitted.


        1. 1
          If you are new to xneelo, create an account with us.
        2. 2
          Log in to the xneelo Control Panel.
        3. 3
          Using the left-hand menu, navigate to Transfers under Tools.
        4. 4
          Select + New transfer request in the Sent requests tab.
        5. 5
          Click Continue in the  Move my domain to xneelo card.
        6. 6
          Enter the domain name without the preceding www and click Search.
        7. 7
          Click Continue if the domain is available for transfer.
        8. 8
          Enter the domain ownership details and click Continue.
        9. 9
          Check your account details, or add your details if you are a new user. Click Continue
        10. 10
          Check your billing details, or add your details if you are a new user. Click Continue.
        11. 11
          Check your order and select the checkboxes at the bottom of the page. Click Submit request.
        12. 12
          A pop-up message will confirm that the transfer has been submitted successfully. Click Continue to view the status of your transfer request.

      • DNS update

        Note: This step is only applicable if you will be hosting your website and/or email with another provider and would like to point your DNS away from xneelo.


        1. 1
          Log in to the xneelo Control Panel.
        2. 2
          Select Domains from the side menu.
        3. 3
          Click on the domain name.
        4. 4
          Select Manage DNS under Domain tools.
        5. 5
          Click on the 3 dots menu to the right of the relevant DNS record.
        6. 6
          Select Edit.
        7. 7
          Update the DNS record and click Save.

        For more information on the Manage DNS tool, please see our Help Centre article.

      • Accept the voting ticket

        If you are the new Registrant of the domain:

        • Check your email and accept the update request (voting ticket) that you will receive from the Registrar, OpenSRS (, using the auth code sent to the current Administrative Contact. The voting ticket is valid for 5 days, whereafter a further 7-day waiting period applies for domain updates.
        • You will receive an email confirmation that the domain was updated.
        • You’re done! It will take about 24 hours for propagation to complete so that the change is visible across the Internet.

        If you are not the new Registrant of the domain:

        • The new Registrant has 5 days to accept the transfer voting ticket, whereafter a further 7 day waiting period applies for domain updates. You will receive a notification from the registry, once the ticket has been accepted. Propagation will then start as the name servers update to xneelo’s.
        • You can view the transfer progress by returning to the Transfer menu in the xneelo Control Panel.
        • If the transfer update is declined, you will need to resolve any outstanding issues and resubmit the transfer request via the Transfer menu.
        • Contact us if you need assistance.


        Assist Tip

        If you would like to transfer domains internally between xneelo customers, follow the steps in our Internal Account Transfer guide.