Colocation RackAssist Services

The RackAssist service is available to all Colocation customers who require assistance from one of our data centre technicians. This assistance is limited to server reboots and rack pin resets.

Free within business hours. A service fee applies after hours – refer to Optional Extras on our Colocation webpage for pricing.

Server Reboots:

This service is limited to a Server Reboot, whereby the power to your server is physically turned off and back on again by one of our Data Centre Technicians.

Should you require to make use of the Server Reboot service, please send us a mail request.

Kindly include the below details in your mail:

  1. Your rack location (Example: J1/2-3).

  2. The name of the server which you would like rebooted.

Please ensure that your servers in the rack are clearly labelled for our technicians to reboot the correct server.

Please Note: After Hours call outs may take 30-40 minutes.

Rack Pin Reset:

Should your Colocation Lock combination code be forgotten please refer to the below:

  • During working hours (Weekdays 8 am– 5 pm) a mail can be sent to our Dedicated department requesting that your Rack Pin be reset.

  • After hours, your request can be sent to our Support department.

Kindly include the below details in your mail:

  1. Your rack location (Example: J1/2-3).

Please Note:

This request is limited to the Account Owner and Authoritative Contacts. Technical points of contact would need to request either the Account Owner or an Authoritative Contact to request the Pin Reset.


Do you need further assistance? Contact us