xneelo’s free cooling

The concept of free cooling comes from the ability to make use of ambient outside air to cool IT equipment inside a data centre. For many years it was thought that temperatures inside a data centre needed to be below 16C. Not only is this temperature too cold for modern IT infrastructure, but running a data centre at these temperatures consumes a significant amount of power and is very expensive to maintain, which increases operational cost.

There are various models for free cooling in the market. Xneelo has adopted a bespoke ‘free cooling’ architecture that provides us the flexibility to evolve the solution to obtain the higher efficiencies we require and to reduce operating cost.

Our cooling infrastructure works on its ability to manipulate the ecosystem based on various temperature, pressure and humidity set points to obtain the most efficient cooling methodology.

How does xneelo use Free Cooling?

If outside ambient temperatures are within set parameters, this air is used to cool down the data centre.  Only once the ambient temperature moves outside of the various set points will the system engage active, conventional cooling. It is, therefore, possible, particularly during winter months, for the data centre to run almost exclusively on free cooling.