How to copy files between locations on your Managed server

Copying of files on a Managed server can be done using commands via SSH/Telnet.

  1. Check that you have enabled SSH/Telnet for the domain on your Managed server.
  2. Log in via SSH/Telnet.
  3. ‘Change directory’ to the folder above the folder containing the files. E.g.:
    cd mydirectory/

    In this case, the files are located in:

  4. Use the following syntax for your copying command:
    scp -P2222 "source file/folder" "destination_ftpuser@destination_server://usr/home/"destination_ftpuser"/

    Example (copying to another domain on the same server):

    scp -P2222 myfolder destination_ftpuser@localhost: //usr/home/destination_ftpuser/

    Example (copying to another domain on a different server):

    scp -P2222 myfolder destination_ftpuser@serverIPAddress: //usr/home/destination_ftpuser/

Further information on secure copy is available online.