Custom needs: Choose the right product

Customised Hosting Configurations

We are reliant on standardisation to ensure that we can effectively administer all our servers with the consistently high service standard that our customers appreciate. For this reason, customisations or deviations to our standard configuration need to be carefully considered.

Use this table to evaluate your needs and determine the best hosting option for you:

Feature Web hosting Managed Server Self-Managed Server
Changes requiring Root access No No Yes
Changes that can be executed at user level (konsoleH, Dedicated Panel, via SSH etc) Yes Yes Yes
Changes to bulk email thresholds No *Possibly Yes
Data Replication No No Yes
Open_basedir No No Yes
Dynamic Max class processes No *Possibly Yes
Php.ini *Possibly *Possibly Yes
fcgid directives No *Possibly Yes
MySQL triggers, stored procedures and views Yes, per database Yes, per database Yes

*Possibly – Items not catered for in konsoleH will be considered (for impact) on a case by case basis.