Customisations to our standard Managed Server configuration

xneelo provides trusted hosting for customers, including a stable environment where regular preventative maintenance ensures sustainable, secure and reliable hosting solutions. Customisations detract from this objective, as they form exceptions that become difficult to maintain in a largely automated, mass-managed environment.

Our Managed Server hosting environment is carefully defined and standardised to provide reliable and easily managed solutions to the mass-market. It is not suited to customers with custom needs.

We urge customers to consider alternative methods to implement a solution (which do conform to our standard environment), otherwise, customers may consider a Self-Managed server where customers have total freedom to implement bespoke solutions.

Please note:

  • xneelo will not make any software modifications on the Web Hosting or Managed hosting environment where root privileges are required, (including the installation of new software or a change to the version of current software)
  • xneelo will allow configuration or threshold modifications to a Managed server for which provision has already been made for differing configurations eg. mail sending limits (Managed servers) and per domain php.ini changes (managed and web hosting servers), provided the change will not add overhead to the server management or make the server unstable or unreliable (determined by xneelo server administrators).
  • Customer requests will be recorded and tracked by xneelo so that the standard product offering continues to offer value and meets the mass-market demands. Where the market demand justifies a change and provided it does not add overhead to the server management or make the server unstable or unreliable, it will be implemented across the entire managed platform. No guarantees can be offered regarding the time frame to complete these changes.

xneelo is not obliged to repeat previous exceptions made regarding customizations.

Terms of Agreement

If we agree to deviate from our standard service offering; one or all of the following may apply depending on the configuration agreed to:

  • xneelo does not take responsibility should the custom settings cause any unforeseen problems on your hosting service(s), for example; server load, incompatibility with other software, etc.
  • Scheduled maintenance and upgrades on your hosting service(s) could cause problems, for example, the update could overwrite some or all of the changes.
  • Updates are generally performed without prior notice. It will be your responsibility to inform us should there be any problems.
  • You do not qualify for refunds in terms of xneelo’s Service Level Guarantee should downtime occur as a result of a custom arrangement.
  • A fee may be charged for time-consuming activities. Time-consuming is defined as any activity that takes longer than 15 consecutive minutes and includes any investigation, implementation or monitoring. You will be informed at the point where charges apply and will be required to confirm your acceptance of the changes before any further work will proceed.
  • xneelo’s development and administrator teams have tasks scheduled for system tools and infrastructure improvements for over a year at a time. Your changes may need to be scheduled between initiatives. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the custom changes required will be done within any time frame. Our consultants will provide a timeline within 5 business days of your request. It may take up to 2 months or more to complete the required changes depending on the complexity. The urgency of your request will be taken into consideration when scheduling is done.
  • Your agreement to the above terms is required before any changes will be made or scheduled.