Loading ISO via Remote Control

This article will guide you on how to load your OS via the Remote Management Interface on your Self-Managed Server. 

Servers with a private Remote Management Interface IP can activate the RMI Tunnel in konsoleH.

This can be performed using either a Windows or Linux local computer. Mac is not recommended as there are various Java incompatibilities.

Intel RMM

  1. Browse to the RMM IP address and log in 
  2. Select Remote Control in the top menu. Note: If you have pop-ups blocked, you may need to unblock them.
  3. Press the Launch Console button 
  4. Open the downloaded file. Accept the Security Warning by ticking the checkbox and select Run

  5. In the remote console window, click on Device 
  6. Select Redirect ISO option 
  7. Select the ISO file you want to mount from your local drive and Open 
  8. Reboot the server by selecting Reset Server > Perform Action 
  9. Press <F6> Boot menu on the keyboard
  10. Select the Virtual CDROM option and it will boot the ISO mounted 

Supermicro IPMI

  1. Browse to the IP address of your Remote Management interface

  2. Select Remote Control > Console Redirection (Click Cancel if a Java Runtime error pops up – this can be ignored)
  3. Click the Launch Console button, which will either launch the console directly or download a file named launch.jnlp which can be opened.
  4. In the new iKVM window, select Virtual Media > Virtual Storage
  5. Set the Logical Drive Type to ISO File from the dropdown menu 
  6. Click Open Image and select the relevant .iso file from your local drive, click Open 
  7. Click Plug in to mount the .iso file as a virtual CDROM, then OK
  8. Reboot the system using the Remote Console by either soft reboot from the OS, or:
  9. Select Power Control > Set Power Reset
  10. Press <F11> to open a boot menu
  11. Navigate to the appropriate Virtual CDROM option using the arrow keys, press Enter 
  12. You will now boot into your mounted ISO