How to view the domain status on a Managed Server

The hosting accounts associated with domains can have any one of the following statuses:

  • Active – default status
  • Deleted – after cancellation
  • Locked by xneelo – e.g. in case of payment dispute; the hosting account is inaccessible
  • Locked by Client – e.g. customer is in dispute with end-user; the hosting account is inaccessible
  • Transfer – domain is in the process of transferring to us
  • Processing – the hosting account is in the process of being activated on the server
  • Cancellation Period – the domain’s hosting account is due to be deleted

To view the status of domains on your Managed Server:

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin level
  2. Click the dropdown list at Show me (currently set to Default View)
  3. Select the required status
  4. Click Search – all the domains on your server with that status will be listed