How to view your domain registration details

You can ensure correct domain name registration information by viewing these details easily and conveniently from within your xneelo Control Panel.


  • 1
    Log in to the xneelo Control Panel.
  • 2
    Select Domains from the side menu. 
  • 3
    Search for or select the specific domain name.
  • 4
    The Domain owner and Administrator information will be visible under Contact information.
Assist Note

The ability to update these details via the xneelo Control Panel is coming soon. In the meantime, you can update these details via konsoleH.

Assist Tip

Domain ownership updates for and domains take 5 days to complete. If you will be transferring your domain away from xneelo and the domain ownership information is incorrect, you’ll have to wait for this update to complete before you can submit the transfer ticket.

When updating a gTLD such as a .com or .org, domain validation may be required. Once the domain is validated, the new domain ownership details will reflect.