Why are we getting a *Fatal error*: Allowed memory size exhausted?

This error occurs when the specified memory limit for PHP is exhausted (used). This value (memory_limit) can be adjusted via the PHP config tool in KonsoleH.

A full example of the error:

*Fatal error*: Allowed memory size exhausted (tried to allocate 16 bytes) in */usr/www/users/ftpusr/libraries/joomla/database/database/mysql.php* on

To increase the memory limit:

  1. Browse to konsoleH
  2. Log in with your Client number and Management password
  3. Select or search for a domain name in the Hosting Services tab
  4. Select Manage Services and PHP Config
  5. Increase the memory as necessary by selecting the memory_limit dropdown
  6. Save the changes you have made

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility should PHP scripts no longer function due to incorrect settings entered. By saving the settings on the ‘PHP Config’ tool, you confirm that you have understood the configuration variables, as well as the possible effects they may have on your scripts. Details about these configuration options are available in PHP’s online documentation.