How to FTP content to a Multiple domain

Multiple Domains (and Sub-domains) share the hosting space of the main account (parent domain), therefore the Multiple Domain’s content needs to be uploaded into the corresponding sub-folder within the ‘public_html’ directory of the parent domain.

The sub-folder name will correspond with the domain name of the Multiple Domain:



  • An FTP programme e.g. FileZilla
  • The domain/host name (e.g. or IP address (e.g. of the parent domain (note: use the IP address if a web application firewall (WAP) such as Cloudbric WAF is activated)
  • FTP login/username and password of the parent domain (forgotten password?)
  • The FTP port is: 22

FTP Upload

  1. Connect to the server via FTP
  2. In the left pane, find the files that you want to upload from your local computer
  3. In the right pane, open the public_html folder
  4. Within that folder, select the folder named after your Multiple Domain or Sub Domain
  5. Highlight all the files needed from the left pane and upload (drag and drop) to the right pane. (Note: exclude the main folder and upload the files and folders from within the main folder)
  6. At bottom left you will see a progress indicator.

In this image, WordPress files are being uploaded from a local computer to a parent domain’s ( subfolder within the public_html folder.

Assist Note

Port 22 allows you to securely transfer your files over an encrypted connection using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).