Unable to view Site Content

There are various reasons for your website not displaying after publishing. Refer to our guide on How to Upload a Website using FTP  for useful tips to ensure success

Common Errors:

1. Deleting the public_html symbolic link

  • Public_html is not a folder, it’s a symbolic link to your webfolder which is viewable on the web (see information on paths below)
  • If this symbolic link is removed by mistake, it cannot be recreated by creating a folder called public_html as it will not link to your webfolder

If you have removed this link, please contact support@xneelo.com to re-create it for you

2. Publishing the content in the wrong location

  • Your site content should be published in the following path: /usr/www/users/your-ftp-login
  • This is within the public_html directory. If you publish in the home folder (/usr/home/your-ftp-login) where mail and logs are kept, content will not be visible to anyone else
  • Ensure you’ve published your files correctly within the public_html
  • Double check to make sure your index file is in this location and not in a subfolder

3. Not removing xneelo’s holding page

  • By default, when you order your package, xneelo provides a holding page. “Reserved for…” named index.html
  • Ensure that you rename this file or remove it

4. File permissions are set incorrectly

  • File permissions have the ability to restrict file viewing
  • Files with permissions, that are not the same as your FTP user, will result in no one being able to see these files
  • It may not be possible to edit files and folders with the incorrect permission –please contact support@xneelo.com for assistance if required
  • Certain file ownerships and permissions can be edited using konsoleH’s File Manager