FAQs: How to upgrade to PHP 8.0

It’s important that the code your website uses is kept up to date. Xneelo is responsible for the infrastructure on which your site is hosted, but as the website owner, you are responsible for keeping your website code up to date.

As security updates for older PHP versions have ended, we will no longer support these versions on our hosting platform. If your website is still making use of PHP 7.3, it will automatically be upgraded to PHP 7.4 from 16 November 2021.

How do I know which version of PHP I am using?

You can check the PHP version your site is using by following these steps:

  • Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin or Domain level
  • Select the Hosting Services tab
  • Select the applicable domain name
  • From the menu on the left, click Manage Services, then click PHP Config (under Configuration)

Will the automatic upgrade to PHP 7.4 affect me?

Yes, the upgrade will affect all customers using PHP 7.3 .

  • If you’re using PHP version 7.3, your site will be automatically upgraded to PHP 7.4 after 16 November 2021. 
  • PHP version 7.4 security support still runs until 28 November 2022  

How do I upgrade or downgrade my PHP version?

  • Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin or Domain level
  • Click the Hosting Services tab
  • Select the applicable domain name
  • Click Manage Services
  • Click PHP Config (under Configuration)
  • Select the drop-down option next to PHP version
  • Select version 8.0 
  • Click Save

The upgrade will be completed automatically.

What will the upgrade cost me?

The upgrade is free of charge (no cost). Your billing will not be affected.

Why are only some of my domains being upgraded?

The automatic PHP upgrade will take place in batches. If you receive an upgrade notice, only the domains included in the email will be upgraded.

What are the benefits of using PHP 8.0 or later?

There are numerous benefits to using PHP 8.0,  including many new features and optimizations including named arguments, union types, attributes, constructor property promotion, match expression, nullsafe operator, JIT, as well as improvements in the type system, error handling, and consistency.

Why now?

Active and security support for PHP 7.3  will end on 6 December 2021.

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