How to point your website to Wix

Domains registered with us can have their website hosted with Wix while keeping domain administration and email services with xneelo. The DNS is easily updated via konsoleH.

There are 2 methods to connect your domain to a Wix website:

  • A.  DNS Pointing (recommended, as this keeps domain and email services with xneelo), or
  • B.  Update name servers to Wix (not recommended as you may lose mail services such as Webmail)

A. Setup DNS Pointing to Wix

  1. Access the required Wix records for your domain
  2. Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin level
  3. Choose Manage Services, then Manage DNS. Note: If you don’t see Manage DNS then you are logged in at Domain level rather than Admin level.

  4. Select konsoleH Beta
  5. Change the relevant A- and Cname-records using the Wix details from step 1. as follows:
    • Hostname @:
      • Under A records, findand click the Value field in that row to edit
      • Change the Value destination IP (e.g.
      • Click Save
    • Hostname www :
      • Delete the A record type www by clicking the trashcan in that row
    • Create a new record by clicking Add new record
      • Adjust Type to CNAME from the dropdown list
      • Host: insert www
      • Is an alias of: provide the URL (e.g.  Note the fullstop after URL
      • Click Add
    •  Hostname M:
      • Add another record as above, but with Host M
    • Leave all other records as they are.

Allow 2 – 4 hours for the update to take effect.

B. Change Name Servers to Wix

This option gives Wix control over your DNS for website and email. Name servers cannot be updated via konsoleH, so please mail for assistance, confirming that you choose to update your domain to Wix’ name servers rather than DNS pointing.

We don’t recommend this option, as changes to your name servers mean you will lose the ability to make use of our services for that domain, such as webmail.

We will remain responsible for the domain name administration and will continue to bill you for domain name charges e.g. yearly domain renewal fees & your hosting package.

If you have email services linked to your domain name with xneelo, we will provide you with the details you need to point the mail records back to us via your Wix control panel. Once you’ve confirmed this update, we will update the domain name servers to Wix for you. Note – if the name servers are updated before the mail records are correctly pointed to xneelo, mail services will be disrupted.

DNS propagation may take 24–72 hours.

Do you need further assistance? Contact us