How to get and use an SSH client

If you are using a Windows operating system you probably already have an SSH client. Just select Run from the Start Menu and type ‘telnet’ into the dialog box. If you don’t like the standard Telnet client Microsoft provides we recommend downloading ‘Putty” (for SSH as well):

NCSA SSH is available for both Macintosh and DOS. UNIX, of course, has SSH as a standard feature.

SSH is disabled by default but can be activated on request, with a Basic hosting package and higher, at no charge.

Once you are logged into the server, you can use UNIX commands to perform the actions needed. SSH access is at a domain level and does not work for additional FTP users. Root access is not available and in turn, running commands that require root access will not work.

Assist Note

Activate SSH to implement authentication and encryption, safeguarding both your password and all data transmitted and received throughout your sessions.