How to get started with xneelo Cloud

Note: This article relates to a product currently in beta testing.

This article will assist you to prepare the xneelo Cloud dashboard and guide you through the steps of creating and connecting to your first xneelo cloud instance.


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    How to sign up for xneelo Cloud.
    To begin, you'll need to create an xneelo account. This will provide you with access to our Cloud services and enable you to create instances.
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    Preparing your SSH key.
    Preparing your SSH public key is essential for secure remote access to your cloud instance and can be done by one of the following methods:
    a) To generate your SSH Key in the Cloud dashboard.
    b) If you have an SSH Key generated on your Linux device, you can import the key to your Cloud dashboard.
    c) Create your SSH key during the instance creation.
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    Add additional rules to your default security group by following the steps in Add a Rule to a Security Group.
    A Security Group acts as a virtual firewall for your cloud instance. By adding the SSH and ICMP rule, you're allowing secure remote access to your instance through port 22 and you will also be able to ping your instance.
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    Finally, create your instance by following the steps in the Create Instance article.
    With your account set up and security measures in place, you can now create your cloud instance.

What happens next

Connect to your xneelo Cloud Instance using the SSH Protocol