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Find xneelo recipes for success on Heavy Chef

August 18, 2023

Heavy Chef is a proudly South African learning platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners run by a passionate team dedicated to serving the community. The platform provides a wealth of resources, short courses and event information, including expertly curated recipes that contain tips for success from some of South Africa’s industry leaders and personalities.

Business owners and entrepreneurs have access to valuable advice on every aspect of running a business, from starting a business and raising capital to having a winning mindset and guerilla marketing. 

As a Web Hosting provider trusted by South African business owners, xneelo is proud to be a Heavy Chef partner and to have contributed advice to help small businesses grow their businesses online. 

Below you will find some of those recipes presented by our own xneelo team.

How to start your online business journey

Xneelo CEO Philip Delport introduces our unique view on business enablement and how our customers lie at the heart of everything we do. He also provides guidance on how xneelo products can help you level up your web presence, whether you’re just starting out, or have an existing business website.  

Watch Philip’s recipe on why we’re trusted in hosting here.

Learn the ins and outs of web hosting

Xneelo Product Owner Darren Kerr features not once, but twice in the Heavy Chef recipe index.

Darren introduces you to domains and web hosting, plus unpacks some of the technical aspects of web hosting that can help you boost your website’s performance, like the importance of backing up your website and monitoring page speed.

Watch Darren’s recipe on Web Hosting here.

Set up an e-commerce store with Managed WordPress Hosting

In this recipe, Darren explains how our e-commerce Starter Site, Athletic, removes the barriers to entry when you’re ready to start selling online, and how small business owners can easily design a professional website. 

Watch Darren’s recipe on Managed WordPress Hosting here.

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