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Meet the tools we hand-picked for Managed WordPress Hosting

May 3, 2023

For anyone starting a business, affordability, flexibility and convenience are key, especially when it comes to finding the right platform for your website and choosing a web hosting partner. You want a product that covers it all within a specific price range, that comes with the least hassle, and has the support you need to get your business off to the right start.

With Managed WordPress Hosting, we sought to create a product that ticked all these boxes, to enable new website owners to establish themselves online quickly. We chose tools we knew would help customers manage and grow their websites, that they could use and master with ease.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Staging environment

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you receive a free staging environment to test new products and campaigns, website changes, designs, and even updates safely before taking them over to your live site. They won’t be visible on your live website until you copy these changes across.

When you add a new plugin to your website, or even remove one, artifacts (or bloat) are often left behind that can cause issues and even disruption. It’s best practice to test everything on staging first, where unnecessary bloat won’t cause problems in the future. 

A staging environment also serves as a handy demo platform that you can use to show planned website changes to someone else. 

Our favourite feature: for your convenience, you can copy your staging environment directly to your live site through the click of a button.

Flexible Backups

With Managed WordPress Hosting, automatic backups of your website take place weekly, giving you the peace of mind of knowing a backup of your site is always available should the unexpected happen and that your data is safe.

Let’s say you made a change on your live website, causing something to go wrong. Thanks to our backup structure, you can quickly restore a previous working version of your website. You can also use a backed-up version of your website in your staging environment to investigate exactly what went wrong. It’s a failsafe you don’t want to go without.

Privacy mode 

If you’re not ready for the rest of the world to see your published website yet, you can use Privacy Mode to limit access.

You can use Privacy Mode on both your live website and staging environment. This is especially handy if you want to restrict access to your staging site.

Read more about this feature at our Help Centre.

PHP tool

As your web hosting partner, we perform all your WordPress core updates automatically, but it’s important to remember that some plugins might cause compatibility problems if their code isn’t updated too. The PHP tool allows you to switch to the latest version of PHP (the programming language WordPress is written in) on your staging environment and test to make sure everything is in a 100% working order before upgrading your live website – keeping you one step ahead. 

The PHP tool gives you control to update and test your website against the latest versions of PHP regularly, to keep your website stable, safeguarded against security vulnerabilities, and performing at its best. 


SFTP is a secure way of accessing your content (also known as WordPress instance files) on your Managed WordPress Hosting server. Bloat such as leftover images, files, and plugins can cause your website to slow down and not perform at its best. SFTP allows you to perform regular and safe housekeeping to free up disk space and avoid overusage charges. It is also beneficial for troubleshooting – if you need to delete or rename a plugin or copy over a large file directly.

Starter Sites

Every Managed WordPress Hosting customer has access to a range of customisable, professionally-designed Starter Sites that can be used for any type of business website, be it an e-commerce store, agency or consultancy, restaurant or bakery, or travel site. Similar to themes, Starter Sites feature demo pages and content that can be customised to your needs quickly – simply add your content and publish. 

In the case of our e-commerce Starter Site, Athletic, you have a fully-operational online store complete with payment gateway and shipping integration ready to go.

While our Starter Sites were designed for professional businesses, you can use them for any type of website you can imagine. 


No business website would be complete without an email address. With Managed WordPress Hosting, you receive a free email account comprising 100 email aliases and mailboxes to give your business credibility and brand cohesion right from the start.

Xneelo Control panel

The xneelo Control Panel allows you to manage your WordPress website, web hosting, email, and account all in one convenient place. No more switching between apps to access tools – everything you need is available in one single view. You can also collaborate with colleagues, assign permissions, enable two-factor authentication, and more. 

As with any new business, you want to make the best decision for your website – and your future growth. We invite you to try Managed WordPress Hosting for 30 days, absolutely free. No pre-payment, no credit card details required, no obligation. Unlike other free trials, we also allocate a temporary domain to your trial so you can see your business website live.

Try Managed WordPress Hosting for 30 days now. 

If there is a feature you would like to see included with Managed WordPress Hosting, let us know!

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