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Step up your online presence with newly added top-level domains

February 20, 2024

We’re constantly looking for opportunities to provide more choice and value to suit our customers’ diverse online needs. 

Many website owners and businesses use top-level domains (TLDs) to differentiate themselves online. We identified the most popular trends in the domain space and are pleased to offer additional TLDs to help you make your mark online.

Personalise your online presence

We recently added the following TLDs to our list of available domains:

  • .xyz – perfect for modern, youthful brands
  • .online – a great choice for e-commerce ventures
  • .top – implies excellence and authority instantly
  • .shop – signifies you are an online retailer
  • .site – a modern TLD suitable for any type of business 
  • .me – most commonly used for personal branding
  • – for businesses operating in or expanding to South Africa
  • .travel – signifies you operate in the travel industry
  • .agency – for businesses that operate as an agency
  • .digital – a must for innovative digital companies
  • .tech – a popular choice for tech or SaaS companies
  • .global – your business or brand is relevant to worldwide visitors
  • .app – commonly used in association with apps or software 

These TLDs have been adopted by millions of website owners across the globe for their broad appeal and versatility. 

Did you know…

… that .africa is the second most popular domain in South Africa? If you’d like to improve your brand’s visibility among users across the continent, then we highly recommend adding this extension to your online portfolio.

Pay less for certain TLDs

We negotiate to offer the best prices for our customers as well as the most long-term value. As a result, many of our newly added TLDs are available at a reduced registration fee including popular options like .online, .site and .tech.

Visit our Domains page for a breakdown of pricing 

Transfer a domain easily

For your convenience, you can easily transfer your domains internally and externally via the xneelo Control Panel. You can also fully manage the automatic renewal of your domain.

Read more about transferring your domain

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