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How Managed WordPress Hosting gives you the freedom to be creative with your business website

April 28, 2022

Perfect for busy business owners

Xneelo’s Managed WordPress Hosting was designed to take the hassle out of setting up and creating your WordPress website. Your plan includes a WordPress website, 15GB of storage and unlimited traffic. You also get a temporary domain name that would allow you to set up and preview your website before you go live with it. Xneelo handles all the core updates to ensure your website stays updated and secure.

Managed WordPress customers can also use the new xneelo Control Panel, which is accessible on all your favourite devices and allows you to manage your website whenever you are.

Use a Starter Site as your foundation

Starter sites are pre-existing templates you can use to create your own dream website quickly – they’re fully functional and contain demo content you can customise for your business.

With xneelo Managed WordPress Hosting, you can choose between five free Starter Sites that have been beautifully designed for different types of businesses. 

  • Minimalist: clean and simple design for text and imagery, perfect for photographers and writers.
  • Catering: plenty of image options to showcase culinary creations, perfect for food stylists, chefs, bakers, catering companies and bloggers.
  • Workspace: a functional and flexible site for agencies, corporates and NGOs.
  • Travel guide: versatile and adaptive, ideal for travel bloggers, photographers, content creators and writers.
  • Café: perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, food delivery services.
  • Athletic: all-in-one e-commerce store including payment gateway

No development or design experience is required. Starter Sites work with the Gutenberg editor, which features blocks that allow you to customise your website according to your needs. Simply insert, drag, delete and rearrange the blocks to where you would like them to appear. If it sounds too easy, don’t worry. You can preview your work before you publish it and play around in the staging environment without affecting your live website.

Make your website your own

WordPress has hundreds of free plugins you can use to market your business and connect with customers. 

Plugins provide enhancement to your WordPress website in various ways, such as:

  • Search engine optimisation, to increase traffic to your website
  • E-commerce plugins and payment gateways, to help you sell your products online
  • Insights and analytics, to better understand your customers
  • Link your social media channels to your website
  • Chatbots to engage with your customer directly

Find some of our favourite plugin recommendations here. 

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to build a professional website. Leverage Managed WordPress hosting to get your business online quickly, without the strain. 

All the support you need

If you’d like to wrap your head around WordPress before you start, your Managed WordPress Hosting package includes pre-installed access to WP101 video tutorials to help you master the basics. 

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