Innovation has always been at the forefront of how we at Hetzner deliver value to our customers. But what does innovation mean? How do you measure it? One very tangible measurement of innovation is the PUE of our Samrand Data Centre – and the 2018 results have just come in.

2018 PUE results

The PUE score is one indicator of how technologically advanced and capable our data centre is. When we built the Samrand DC in 2013, it was really important for us to find an efficient and sustainable way of managing its power consumption while making every effort to reduce its carbon footprint. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a term specific to the Data Centre Industry and is a widely accepted benchmark to help determine how energy efficient a data centre is. The highest level of energy efficiency is awarded a PUE score of 1.2, the industry average is 1.7. Hetzner’s DC has reliably scored between 1.17 and 1.25, with 2018 no different. Our latest PUE is 1.21, despite Gauteng’s record-breaking heatwave to contend with in September 2018.

Cost-saving benefit of energy efficiency

Of course, innovation is only useful if it translates directly into value for our customers. The attention we place on energy efficiency has a direct cost-saving benefit for our customers: we make every effort to reduce power usage, and pass on that cost-saving to our customers. Crucially, though, we don’t sacrifice performance for energy efficiency – we have consistently found ways to deliver both, making Samrand a highly efficient data centre. This efficiency also has a positive environmental impact as it translates into a smaller carbon footprint for our data centre.

Lean data centre

How do we do this? By operating a lean data centre where we get the most out of our servers and storage while maximizing processing power and consolidating our space. Our custom high-density design, for example, is our solution to efficiently managing our data centre floor space. The design, developed in-house, includes an additional 30% more servers in the same space, without any upgrades to existing building infrastructure, allowing the data centre to run in a leaner way while also lowering the maintenance cost per unit. It  also allows for the improvement of support services and easier upgrades of product features.

Since opening the Samrand Data Centre five years ago, our focus on innovation and energy efficiency has grown even sharper. We may have added more customers and more servers, but we’ve kept our PUE score consistently low. Why? Because it benefits our customers – and the environment.