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High-Density Hosting Set To Streamline Data Centre

September 7, 2017

Editor’s note: This article is from the archive. More up-to-date information about xneelo’s climate-friendly Samrand Data Centre can be found in this article.

Data centers are used by web hosting companies to house racks of servers, which are powerful computers that provide the resources needed to run applications, process data, and handle user requests. Naturally, these operations generate a lot of heat, especially high-density computing equipment. To offset this, data centers are usually equipped with advanced cooling systems to maintain the optimal temperature. They also have redundant power supplies and backup generators to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Built using an award-winning green building design, xneelo’s Samrand Data Centre proves our commitment to the environment while reducing operational overheads.

In an effort to further improve efficiency and capacity within xneelo’s Samrand Data Centre, an innovative new high-density hosting system has been introduced.

Designed in-house by our technicians and manufactured locally, the new rack infrastructure optimises the floor space and makes more efficient use of the available power and cooling infrastructure than traditional server racking systems, without the need to incur costly infrastructure upgrades.

More efficient cooling

Using a vertical arrangement comprising components-based servers, this newly designed hosting system enables the creation of cold containment units, which allow less cool air to escape the server nodes, and thus facilitates even greater air-conditioner efficiency.

More servers in the same space

The new design also makes way for the inclusion of an additional 30% more servers in the same space, without any upgrades to existing building infrastructure, allowing the data centre to run in a leaner way and reduce its carbon footprint.


Our high-density hosting model lowers the maintenance cost per unit and allows for the improvement of support services and easier upgrades of product features – all to the advantage of our customers.

For more information on this topic, you can read about our Cape Town Data Centre’s network upgrade here.