Our energy-efficient data centre saves you money

March 20, 2020

Despite the warm summer months, the implementation of load shedding and continuous customer growth, xneelo’s Samrand Data Centre keeps its cool. While an energy-efficient data centre is significant from an environmental perspective, it also saves our customers money. By keeping the running costs of our data centre to a minimum, we’re able to offer our customers the most cost-effective service possible. 

From February 2017 to date, the number of hosting accounts in our data centre has continuously increased while our Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) score remains at a consistently low average of 1.21.  

Constantly improving our efforts

We believe it’s important for a data centre to benchmark its power usage and constantly work to improve this score by improving our energy efficiency – and thus reducing energy-related costs. These cost savings for xneelo translate directly into cost savings for our customers. 

Each year, we gauge the effectiveness of our energy-saving efforts by monitoring our PUE score. We specifically designed the Samrand Data Centre to use minimal power while having the maximum effect: a power-efficient hosting ecosystem. 

A PUE score is determined by dividing the total amount of energy used by a data centre with the amount of energy required to power the computer infrastructure within it. A perfect PUE score is 1.0 – the industry standard is 1.40.

Last year, our Samrand Data Centre achieved an annual average PUE score of 1.23. While this is an achievement on its own, it’s our average of 1.21 over the last three years that we’re most proud of. We remain committed to continuously improving our data centre – and our PUE –  each year.

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