Pricing in xneelo Cloud

Pricing in xneelo Cloud is straightforward and easy to understand. We’ve designed a costing model with both simplicity and price in mind.

Our resource prices are affordable; we’ve built a cost-effective cloud solution to meet your needs. We charge based on hourly rates, with no hidden costs or surprises. We also offer several services completely free of charge.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Xneelo Cloud uses a ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model. This means you only pay for the resources you’ve created and for how long they exist.

We record your resource usage and send you an invoice with a summary of the usage costs in that billing period. The total usage per resource is rounded up to the nearest hour or Gigabyte hour respectively.

  • What are the benefits?

    It’s cost-effective; you aren’t paying for more resources than you need.

    There are no long-term commitments; you can create, edit, and delete resources at any time.

    It’s efficient; you can create resources immediately without lengthy ordering processes. 

    It’s flexible; you can scale your resources up or down to suit your needs and budget.

  • Key terms in cloud pricing

    There are some key terms we’ve defined that will help you understand how all of this works.


    • ‘Usage’ is considered to be the duration a resource exists. This is taken from the time of creation to deletion, regardless of the resource state or whether it is active or inactive.


    • Price’ is the pay-as-you-go unit price of the resource. This is measured per hour or gigabyte-hour.

    Per month:

    • Per month is the estimated monthly cost of a resource for 720 hours of usage. In reality, costs per month will vary based on the number of days in a month and your actual usage.


    • ‘Hours’ refers to the number of hours that a resource exists. This is the unit of measurement for measuring usage time.


    • ‘Gigabyte-hours’ refers to the total number of gigabytes provisioned in a number of hours.
    • For example, if a 10 GB resource is provisioned and exists for 2 hours, the total is 20 GBhrs. If you then resize the volume, increasing it to 20 GB, and the new volume exists for a further 2 hours, then the additional GBhrs will be 40 GBhrs. The total for the 4 hour duration would be 60 GBhrs.

    Gibibyte units:

    • Certain cloud services use gibibytes (GiB) as the primary unit when provisioning. 
    • For the purposes of billing, these GiB are considered as gigabytes (GB) when recording usage. So 1 GiB is charged as 1 GB. 
    • This means that you actually get charged for less than what you’ve used
    • For example: 1 GiB is 1024 bytes. You will only get charged for 1 GB, which is 1000 bytes.

  • What services are not charged for?

    Several services in xneelo Cloud are offered at no charge. 

    Network traffic:

    • Many cloud providers charge for data transfer in or out of the cloud. Network traffic in xneelo Cloud is completely free.

    Network protection:

    • We provide automatic DDoS detection and mitigation within our network. This ensures an additional layer of security for your cloud.

    Securing your instance:

    • You can control inbound and outbound traffic to your instances by creating security groups and setting allow rules for free.

    • What services are charged for?

      Xneelo Cloud charges for the use of specific cloud services. Each resource has rules on how the usage is recorded and charged. 

      Instance flavors

      Instance flavors are charged at a rate per hour

      Instances are available in different flavors with a set price per flavor. Flavors are the different compute resource combinations (vCPUs and RAM) available.

      If you resize an instance (select a new flavor) you will be charged for the usage time of each flavor at the respective rate per hour.

      Bootable volumes (the root disk of an instance) are not included in the flavor price and are charged separately as volumes.


      Volumes are provisioned in units of gibibytes, but are charged at a rate per gigabyte-hour.

      Volumes are available in two volume types with a set price per type. The available volume types are standard (default performance) and premium (high performance).

      Non-bootable volumes are set to standard by default. Bootable volumes are always set to premium.

      Volumes are charged based on the provisioned size of the volume, not the amount of storage you have used on that volume.

      Volume Snapshots

      Volume snapshots are provisioned in units of gibibytes, but are charged at a rate per gigabyte-hour.

      Volume snapshots are provisioned at a fixed size on creation, based on the size of the parent volume.

      If a snapshot of an instance is taken then both a volume snapshot and an image will be generated. This image is considered ‘0 bytes’ and is not charged for.


      Images are charged at a rate per gigabyte-hour

      Images can be public or private. Public images are created and maintained by xneelo. Private images are created by you and cannot be accessed by other cloud domains.

      Public images are free. You are only charged for the private images that you create.

    • How do we charge for usage?

      We track and calculate the usage for each resource within your cloud project. Your total cloud usage will reflect on your invoice at the end of the billing cycle.

      Each cloud resource you’ve used will be listed as a separate line item on the invoice. The total usage per resource is rounded up to the nearest hour or gigabyte-hour respectively. You can read more on billing, payments and invoicing in these Help Centre articles.

      If you have any queries or concerns over cloud resource charges on your invoice you can request support via live chat.

    • Cloud services pricing

      Please note: Prices below reflect the discount offered during the xneelo Cloud beta programme and are subject to change. All prices include VAT.


      Instance flavors will be offered at a 50% discount during the beta programme.

      Resource Per Hour Per Month*
      s-g-1cpu-1gb R0.0518 R0.1035 R38 R75
      s-g-1cpu-2gb R0.0690 R0.138 R50 R100
      s-g-2cpu-4gb R0.1380 R0.276 R100 R199
      s-g-4cpu-8gb R0.2818 R0.5635 R203 R406
      s-g-4cpu-16gb R0.4428 R0.8855 R319 R638
      s-g-8cpu-16gb R0.5578 R1.1155 R402 R804

      *This is the estimated cost and will vary based on the hours in a month.


      Storage will initially be offered for free; pricing will be introduced at a later stage during the beta programme.

      Resource Per GBhr Per GB per Month*
      Standard volume No charge R0.0017 No charge R1.20
      Premium volume No charge R0.0025 No charge R1.80
      Volume snapshot No charge R0.0017 No charge R1.20
      Public image No charge No charge
      Private image No charge R0.0017 No charge R1.20

      *This is the estimated cost and will vary based on the hours in the month.


      Resource Per Hour Per Month
      Data transfer (internal) No charge No charge
      Data transfer (external) No charge No charge
      Security groups No charge No charge
      Security group rules No charge No charge

    Assist Note

    Read about how the beta programme works, what you can expect from the product, and the specific terms that apply.