What is an ‘Authorisation code’?

An ‘Authorisation code’ (also referred to as an ‘Auth-Info’ code or an ‘EPP’ code) provides an extra level of security for the domain name registration.

The Auth-Info code is unique for each domain name and is assigned by the registrar at the time the domain name is registered.

A confirmation of your Authorisation code is required by the Registry in order to transfer a domain name with the extension .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info, .cc, .co, .mobi, .capetown, .joburg, .durban, .africa to xneelo.

Authorisation codes must be recovered from your current registrar prior to initiating the domain name transfer request. Once the transfer is initiated, you will be required to use the code when approving the domain transfer request.

If you are transferring your domain away from xneelo, then we will provide you with the Authorisation code after you have cancelled your account.

You may also require your Authorisation code if you would like to list your domain on a domain marketplace. You may contact us in order to receive your domain’s Authorisation code.

Assist Tip

Country code top-level domains such as .co.za and .org.za domains do not require Authorisation codes for transfer.