Set up email for domains in transfer

Ensure that no email is lost while transferring your domain to xneelo by setting up your email before transfer, using the IP address as server name.

Step 1. Create mailboxes

Step 2: Set up the email accounts

Use the IP address in place of server names

  • To ensure a smooth transition, keep your existing (old) email settings intact. In addition, you will create the new account(s) so that there is no interruption when the switch happens.
  • Configure the new account(s), ensuring that the Server Name e.g., is used as both the Incoming POP3/IMAP and the Outgoing SMTP server, rather than the domain name. The mail should be set up to use SSL/TLS. (Note: It is also possible to use the IP address.)
    • For ease of reference, it may help to label the previous mail accounts as old and the accounts with xneelo as new to avoid confusion as the accounts will have the same names
      • In Mac Mail choose Mail > Preferences> Accounts Tab> (Choose Mailbox) > Change Description
      • In Thunderbird choose Tools > Account settings > Account name

Step 3: Copy all mail from the old server to the new

If the email accounts were previously set up using POP, then all mail gets downloaded to your local computer. However, IMAP has now become popular as it allows synchronisation of mail between multiple devices e.g. desktop and cell phone. It is recommended that the new mail accounts are set up using the IMAP protocol. With IMAP, mail is stored on the server, and will therefore need to be transferred to the new server when the domain is transferred.

To move IMAP mail from the previous server:

  1. Open your mail client, eg Outlook or Thunderbird
  2. Within each mail account, select all mail (Choose Edit > Select All)
  3. Ctrl/Cmd click and choose Copy to / Copy folder
  4. Choose the new mailbox
  5. Allow the process to complete. Depending on the amount of mail to copy, this process can take minutes to hours.

Once mail is being delivered only to your xneelo accounts and no longer to the other account, delete the old, obsolete accounts.

Note: If you will not be hosting your mail with xneelo, ensure that you have set up your DNS to point to your email host before submitting your transfer request.