How to add an email signature in Webmail

A default signature in the footer of your email is an easy way to add professionalism to your email. An email signature can be set up in a few steps within Webmail.

    • Create a Webmail signature

      1. Browse to the Webmail login page.
      2. Log in with your full email address (eg. and email password (passwords are case-sensitive).
      3. Click on Settings in the top right-hand corner.
      4. Select Identities from the menu on the left.
      5. Select the relevant identity from the list or create a new identity by clicking on the + button at the bottom of the screen.
      6. Compose your custom signature in the available Signature text box

      Note: To customise your text, click on the HTML Signature checkbox. This will allow you to select your preferred font, font size, and formatting options. If you would also like to add an image to your signature, see the steps below.

      1. Select the Save button.

    • Add an image to your Webmail signature

      If you would like to add an image that you have created for your email signature, you will need to add it as an html code. Your image will also need to be saved to your website folders so that when a recipient views your email, the image indicated in your signature will be pulled from the internet.

      1. First, upload your image to your domain’s hosting server.
      2. In Webmail, select Settings > Identities and select the relevant identity (if there is more than one).

      1. Tick the tickbox HTML signature.

      1. Select the Source code (<>) icon from the signature toolbar.

      1. In the text box, copy and add the below URL into the field:

      <img src=”http://domainname/imagename“/>

      Note: The image name needs to be specified exactly as it has been uploaded to the server – name and format. To check if you have the correct path, try browsing to the specified URL i.e. http://domainname/imagename. If you can see your logo by browsing to the URL, then you have the correct path.

      1. Select Ok. You will then be able to see the image in the text box.

      Note: If you cannot see the image, ensure that the code is in the correct format. Remove any additional code that may have been added.

      Example: <img src=”“/> .

      1. Resize the image, if necessary.
      2. Select Save.

    • Specify signature options

      There are a few additional options you can check to ensure that your signature displays as desired.

      1. In Webmail, select Settings in the top right-hand corner.
      2. Under Section, select Composing Messages.
      3. Update the following options according to your preference:
      • Compose HTML messages
      • Automatically add signature
      • Place signature below the quoted message
      • When replying remove original signature from message
      • Force standard separator in signatures

      Assist Note

      These signature settings will apply only to Webmail and will not automatically appear in your email program.

      Assist Tip

      If your email recipient is not using the HTML setting in their email client, then they will not see your HTML signature.