About the webmaster mailbox

The information in this article is related to konsoleH.
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The default setup of a new hosting account includes one mailbox (or email address), called webmaster. This mailbox can be deleted or retained, depending on your needs.

Edit or delete the webmaster mailbox

  1. Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin level
  2. Select or search for the required domain name in the Hosting Services tab
  3. Click Mail from the left-hand menu > Manage Accounts under Mail.                                                   Manage Accounts
  4. The Manage Accounts page displays all mailboxes and aliases for your domain. Webmaster is the default mailbox for new hosting accounts and can be deleted if not needed. Webmaster
  5. Rather than forward mail from this mailbox, the webmaster mailbox can be deleted and replaced with a webmaster alias, which will forward webmaster@ mails to the mailbox of your choice.

When is a Webmaster mailbox needed?

If you use a sending email address outside of your domain, you’ll need to check the webmaster@ mailbox for bounce messages. If you have email-sending software that does automatic bounce monitoring, the webmaster mailbox will need to be checked for bounces. 

Note: Ensure that the webmaster mailbox is checked regularly or else the accumulation of mail can lead to disk over–usage charges on your hosting account.