What themes and plugins can I use with Managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress gives you the option to customise your website with themes and plugins.

Currently, there is no restriction on the themes and plugins you can install and activate with xneelo’s Managed WordPress hosting.

While most themes and plugins are compatible with our hosting service, some themes and plugins may not be. If your active theme or one of your installed plugins is not working, please contact our support team.

Pre-installed WordPress themes and plugins

During the WordPress installation process, Managed WordPress hosting also installs our xneelo dashboard. This welcome panel is designed to help you start editing and customising your website.

WP101 WordPress tutorial videos are also installed. These videos will help you learn how to use WordPress.

If you selected one of our free starter sites, our xneelo theme and block plugin will also be installed.

Custom third-party WordPress themes and plugins

There are thousands of free themes and tens of thousands of free plugins available to download from WordPress.org. You can also find, install and activate a theme or plugin directly within WordPress.

Themes and plugins available on WordPress.org are tested and most are considered safe to use, however, some may be works-in-progress or no longer be supported.

Although xneelo does not support the installation and use of third-party themes and plugins, most will be compatible with Managed WordPress hosting.


  • To help protect your website against a data breach or malware attack, keep your theme and plugins up to date
  • For most websites, we recommend a maximum of 10-15 active plugins
  • When selecting a new theme or plugin to install, check to make sure it:
    • Is compatible with the latest version of WordPress
    • Was recently updated and gets updated frequently
    • Has many active installs
    • Has positive reviews
  • To avoid security and performance issues, inactive themes and plugins that are not absolutely required should be deleted
Assist Note

Add plugins or page builders to your Managed WordPress site.

Assist Tip

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