Colocation FAQ

Xneelo’s Colocation offering is a cost-effective option for businesses that require a stable, high-performance network while maintaining complete control over the hardware and server administration. Hosted in xneelo’s state-of-the-art Data Centre Park (Samrand, Gauteng), you supply the hardware, we offer you the full benefit of a world-class, carrier-neutral facility.

Xneelo will provide the rack space, power and network infrastructure. Our Samrand Data Centre is carrier-neutral, therefore you can select to make use of your own network service provider.

Rack Setup

  • Is a PDU included?

    We provide two standard, ‘Dumb’ Power Distribution Units (PDU) per rack.

    We refer to the PDU as standard and this relates to the standard C13 and standard C19 socket outlets on the PDU. The C13 and C19 socket outlets are standard outlets used in the Data Centre electrical distribution system. Our Full Rack PDU consists of 20 x C13 and 4 x C19 socket outlets and is equipped with a 4mm² Electrical supply cable with a 32amp Industrial socket outlet.

    A half rack has 8x C13 ports on each feed (A&B) only.

    The PDU is wired into 4 subcircuits inside the PDU.

    The additional feed is provided for redundancy purposes only and should not be used for additional power capacity. Your rack is not allowed to exceed the allocated maximum demand as specified in the product matrix. Dual power feeds are provided as backup to a failure of one of the power feeds, but also enables xneelo to conduct power maintenance without having to disrupt power to your rack. If you run single power supply equipment in your rack, it is your responsibility to install a Static Transfer Switch to which the device will be connected in order to benefit from the redundant power feeds provided.

    A full rack has 20x C13 ports on each feed (A&B) and 4x C19 ports on each feed (A&B).

  • Do you offer Smart PDU?

    No, we do not offer Smart PDUs. We provide two standard, ‘Dumb’ Power Distribution Units (PDU) per rack.

  • Power adapters

    You are required to only use SABS approved power adapters. No multi-plugs will be permitted. If you have special power requirements, please make contact with an xneelo customer representative to discuss your requirements prior to commencing with the installation of your equipment

  • Blanking plates

    Your equipment is located in a carefully controlled environment. You are required to ensure that blanking plates are replaced in unused areas within the rack to ensure optimal airflow inside the hosting rack. Not doing this has a detrimental impact on the efficacy of the cooling infrastructure, to the detriment of all services hosted within the same environment.

  • What is an STS switch?

    STS – Static Transfer Switch is automatic static switching equipment designed to transfer electric loads between two independent AC power sources without interruption. The static transfer switch (STS) is an electrical device that allows the instantaneous transfer of power sources to the load.

  • Can I colocate a tower server?

    Yes, but we will request that you place it on its side unless you put more than one server on the shelf. The reason for this is to protect the integrity and efficiency of our cooling infrastructure. With large gaping holes in the rack we will not be able to maintain pressure inside the pod.

  • How do I ship my equipment to you?

    Please ensure that you notify us of your intent to ship hardware to us. Mark all your boxes clearly with the following:

    •  Customer Name
    • Customer Number
    • Rack Location

    Please be aware that xneelo can not take responsibility for the safety and security of your equipment during the shipping or storage period of your hardware.


  • Do you offer remote hands and eyes?

    We offer a Rack Assist service to all Colocation customers who require assistance from one of our Data Centre Technicians. This assistance is limited to server reboots and rack pin resets.

    While we will notify you of anything that our Data Centre Technicians pick up with regards to your Rack’s hardware when doing rounds, xneelo is not responsible for monitoring the servers in your Rack. Our Data Centre Technicians only monitor blanking plates, brush panels and check to see that there are no flammable items in the rack, not server hardware.


  • Cooling

    Air conditioning in the Colocation pods work on a hot/cold aisle configuration.

    Server and networking equipment is mounted with the intake fans blowing the cool air from the inside of the rack through the equipment to the outside, which is then expelled as hot air.

    The temperature within the Pod is maintained at 18-27 degrees Celsius.

    Numerous overhead and underfloor probes constantly monitor the temperature and pressure, feeding the information in real-time to the air conditioner PLCs which automatically maintain and adjust the CRAC units within the preset thresholds.

    Colocation customers need to ensure that:

    •  There is no obstruction in front of the air intake of the server.
    • Proper cable management practices are implemented e.g. cables should be neatly bound and channeled away from air intakes of their servers.
    • Ensure that the server exhausts its heat towards the rear of the rack i.e. not into the cold aisle.
    • Ensure all server fans are in optimal working condition.