How to request xneelo to route your own IP range

If you have your own IP range for your Self-managed server or Colocation rack, we can route your IP range on our network by setting up a BGP  (Border Gateway Protocol) Session.

Please submit a request to, providing the following information:

  • Your AS (‘autonomous system’) number
  • Written consent (attached as PDF) stating that you allow xneelo (ASN 37153) and EOH (ASN 37179) to publish your subnet(s).
  • The list of prefixes (IP’s) you want xneelo to announce. (These prefixes must belong to you, and you must have permission to announce them)

Important: Please ensure that your company name has route-objects created for all the mentioned routes in both the AFRINIC and RIPE IRR databases. Route object creation is your responsibility as owner of these IP prefixes. The should be done using these interfaces:

The route objects are used to authorise the acceptance of your routes into the routing tables of the upstream partner providers in Europe and Africa regions. Without it, your routes would not fully propagate globally from the moment we start announcing them into the global internet routing table for you. Failure to set up route-objects with the above routing registrars would result in downtime in the event that were to re-route international traffic via an alternate provider.