SiteBuilder – What’s new in the latest version

SiteBuilder is 3rd party software provided by developers CM4all. This drag-and-drop web design software makes it possible to design a website without previous experience.

Note that version updates are administered by CM4all in Germany and we are reliant on their support team should any technical issues occur.

See what’s new in the latest version of SiteBuilder.

Version 4.1 [April 2023]

SiteBuilder version 4.1 includes some exciting new images features. The main feature of this release is the new integration of Unsplash.

Unsplash is an internet resource with more than 3 million free high-resolution images. The latest version of SiteBuilder gives users direct access to this extensive and growing image resource and allows the user to seamlessly embed Unsplash images on their website. The ‘change Image’ feature has also been added, which makes website creation faster and more enjoyable. The SiteBuilder user interface has also been revamped by adding a new file picker with better usability.

Here’s a short overview of all the new features in version 4.1:

Unsplash integration

Unsplash is now easier and more intuitive to use. The new Unsplash integration can be accessed in two different places in your control panel: 

First via the ‘Edit Website’ button under Media, where Unsplash has its own tab. Second via the file picker (e.g. when changing the main header image) where Unsplash also has its own tab.

 Unsplash images can be used for the following purposes:

  • As a header image
  • As a background image
  • As an image in the content area of the website

New file picker

The user interface for the file picker has been updated. The new file picker puts greater emphasis on the visibility of individual files by giving them more space. This makes identifying specific files easier and more convenient. The new file picker also comes with the option to change between three different views (comfy, compact, and details view). The user can still search for file names or sort files based on various criteria. 

Change image feature

A new ‘change image’ button has been added to the configuration dialog of images to make changing images more intuitive. Changing images now works similarly to changing a header or background image.

When clicking on the ‘change image’ button, the new file picker opens and a different image can be selected. The newly selected image automatically uses the width of the previous image – so no further adjustments are required.