How long does xneelo keep backups?

Backup data is kept for a maximum of two weeks before being replaced with the latest incremental version.

Xneelo does not guarantee backups, hence it is advisable that you keep a separate backup of your files and databases remotely e.g. on your computer’s hard drive or your preferred Cloud storage service.

Daily backups are made of the user’s home directory as well as MySQL databases. The user’s home directory will include site content, web logs and any mail that was on the server at the time that backup was completed. This means that any mail arriving after the backup had completed and downloaded before the next backup took place, will not have been included in the backup.

The Restore Backup tool in your control panel allows customers to restore web files and databases from their recent backups.

Please note: Email and web logs cannot be restored via the Restore Backup Tool, but restores can be requested via email.