How to order and install an SSL/TLS certificate

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are automatically included with all hosting packages. Activation of the SSL certificate is dependent on both @ and www A DNS records pointing to our server and will be installed once the DNS has fully propagated.

These are Domain Validation (DV) certificates that validate the domain name against registry records and offer the same validation and encryption as all other DV certificates, such as Thawte123 SSL.

Let’s Encrypt is suitable for website and mail provided that your website and email are hosted by xneelo.

We don’t offer Organisational Validation (OV) e.g. Thawte Web Server or Extended Validation (EV) certificates as the validation process is most efficiently achieved when you liaise directly with the Certification Authority.

You are welcome to order or renew any level of SSL certificate directly from your choice of the following Certification Authorities, and we will install the certificate for you:

  • Comodo
  • Geotrust/RapidSSL
  • Godaddy
  • Digicert
  • Symantec
  • Entrust

1. Contact us for your CSR

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is an encrypted message that includes your specific information which you need to provide to the Certificate Authority (CA) to request your SSL/TLS certificate.

Email us [Subject: SSL/TLS – generate CSR for (domain name)] with the following information:

  • Common name e.g. (important: please confirm if this includes the www’s) or
  • Certificate Authority (CA) e.g. Thawte
  • Certificate Type e.g. Thawte Web Server
  • Correct domain ownership details must be used for the CSR generation. We require the following:
    • Organisation: (NB. The full legal entity name)
    • City:
    • State/Province:
    • Country:
    • Email:


  • This information needs to be correct or else your SSL certification will fail.
  • This process applies to both new certificates and renewals.

We will mail you the CSR.  This looks like a block of random text.

2. Order your certificate with your CA of choice

Go to the website of your Certification Authority (CA) and order or renew your certificate online, making sure to provide the same details that you provided to us for your CSR.

The final step will require you to copy and paste the CSR text into your application.

The CA will now contact you by telephone and/or by email for authentication.

3. Forward the certificate to us

Once your certification is complete, your certificate will either be mailed to you or be available for download from the CA website.

Simply email the certificate to us [Subject: SSL/TLS installation for (domain)] and we will install it on the webserver that hosts your website.

A once-off setup fee applies for this manual installation.