SiteBuilder upgrade FAQ

SiteBuilder will be upgraded to version 4.1 on Wednesday, 19 April 2023. We answer some questions about this upgrade.

  • How will this upgrade impact me?

    Your website won’t experience downtime during the upgrade and will function as normal. However, you won’t be able to make changes to your website until the upgrade has been completed.

  • How do I report issues?

    You can contact us and describe the issue you are experiencing. We will then escalate to CM4all. We can’t confirm how quickly they will respond to issues.

  • What functionality is being added?

    SiteBuilder 4.1 provides new image features including:

    • Direct access to the Unsplash image library
    • New file picker function that allows search for individual files easily
    • New change image button, where a new image can be selected and inserted in seconds