What are the full file paths to my directories on an xneelo server?

A full path is also referred to as the file path or the absolute path and refers to the location of your web site files on the server, relative to the server’s file system structure.

For example, the Public_html and Public_ssl directories are not actual directories as seen in any FTP application when connected to the server. These “folders” are symbolic links, or short cuts, to different locations on the server’s file structure, where the website content is actually stored.

File/absolute paths

Full path to the FTP Home directory (default directory displayed when connecting via FTP) is:


Full path to the Public_html directory (where all web accessible files need to reside) is:


If you previously used SSL/TLS with a certificate from Thawte or Verisign, the full path to the Public_ssl directory (where all web accessible files that are protected by your SSL/TLS encryption certificate need to be placed) is a follows:


All new SSL/TLS setups whether it’s from LetsEncrypt or Thawte / Verisign use the same path as the Public_html directory for files that are to be protected by SSL/TLS encryption; this path is:


Note: The full file/absolute paths apply to both Shared hosting and Managed hosting servers